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2016/11/08 Article accepted in Phys Med Biol
The validation of Gate for clinical dosimetry, a prerequisite for DosiTest reference absorbed dose determination has just been accepted by Phys Med Biol:
Internal dosimetry with the Monte Carlo code GATE: validation using the ICRP/ICRU female reference computational model
Daphnée Villoing, Sara Marcatili, Marie-Paule Garcia, Manuel Bardiès
Accepted: 08 November 2016
2016/09/10 Gustavo Costa to present DosiTest work
Gustavo Costa will present his work during the first SFPM Young Scientists Workshop, in Luz Saint Sauveur (21-24 September 2016).
Simulation of acquisition with a Siemens Symbia T2 applying the 177Lu-DOTATE biokinetics in the XCAT phantom
Update: The presentation is available to download.
2016/06/01 MRT Dosimetry project

Metrology for clinical implementation of dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy (MRTDosimetry) is a joint research project (JRP) within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR).
The project builds on the results and outputs from the preceding EMRP JRP HLT11 MetroMRT project, which took the first steps towards providing data, methods, protocols and guidance for MRT dosimetry
CRCT is one of the project members of MRT Dosimetry, and will essentially collaborate to WP3, with an obvious connection to DosiTest. 
2015/11/17 TestDose reference
TestDose: A nuclear medicine software based on Monte Carlo modeling for generating gamma camera acquisitions and dosimetry.
Garcia MPVilloing DMcKay EFerrer LCremonesi MBotta FFerrari MBardiès M
 2015 Dec;42(12):6885-94. doi: 10.1118/1.4934828
2015/10/20 DosiTest student got her PhD
Daphnée Villoing got her PhD today.
Most of her PhD work is related to DosiTest:
  • She generated the pharmacokinetics model used as an input to TestDose,
  • She generated clinical images for Octreoscan and Lutathera.
  • She validated Gate for clinical dosimetry,
Daphnée is now looking for a Post Doc. Bonne chance :-) 
2015/10/18 TestDose article accepted
The first article describing the TestDose software was accepted by Medical Physics.
"TestDose: a nuclear medicine software based on Monte-Carlo modelling for generating gamma camera acquisitions and dosimetry"
Congratulations to the 2 first co-authors, Marie-Paule Garcia and Daphnée Villoing. 
2015/07/31 MetroMRT final report draft available
The draft is available there:
Caveat: This report should not be cited as a reference.
2015/07/13 New recruit for DosiTest
Gustavo Costa joined the team today.
Gustavo was awarded a "Science Without Borders" fellowship from Brazil.
He will sped 2 years of his PhD with us, and will be closely associated to DosiTest, on Nuclear Medicine image modelling aspects.
Welcome Gustavo
2015/05/17 Final MetroMRT meeting in Greece
The final MetroMRT meeting took place in Thessaloniki, in Greece, from May 17th to May 20th.
All partners presented the results obtained during the project. The official end of the project is May 31st, and the final report should be submitted within 60 days after.
2014/12/01 MetroMRT meeting in Prague
This MetroMRT metting allowed us to present the current status of DosiTest. Daphnée Villoing presented absorbed dose results obtained with Gate on our "reference patient".
2014/11/21 NPL Meeting in London
DosiTest was presented at the Nuclear Medicine Metrology meeting at NPL:
"DosiTest, Monte-Carlo-based virtual clinical trial to assess critical steps of radiopharmaceutical dosimetry" M Bardiès
2014/11/08 Poster at IEEE MIC 2014
Marie-Paule Garcia presented a poster at the last IEEE meeting: 
MP Garcia, J Bert, D Villoing, A Reilhac, MC Grégoire, D Visvikis and M Bardiès "Hybrid CPU/GPU SPECT Monte Carlo Simulations: The Hexagonal Hole Collimator Case", IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), Seattle, WA USA, 8-15 November 2014