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TestDose software

TestDose software, developed at the INSERM UMR 892 of Nantes (France) by Erin McKay during his post-doctoral contract, was conceived to process simulated images from a NURBS anthropomorphic model, NCAT-WB, and for arbitrary scintigraphic imaging protocols.

It also produces 3D cards of absorbed dose distribution related to an injection of radionuclides.

An important characteristics of TestDose concerns its ability for any user to specify a complete imaging protocol with multiple imaging sessions of different types of acquisitions.

Thus we are able to simulate an over-all dosimetry trial in one step only.


NCAT phantom (NURBS-bases Cardiac Torso) is a realistic and flexible model of adult male or female anatomy and physiology.

NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) were used to build the organ shapes in the NCAT phantom, based on a 3D dataset.

NCAT is a Linux/Unix code , which produces a voxelized patient model from input settings specified by the user.

A recent plug-in (NCAT-WB) allows the modelling of whole patient body (arms and legs included).