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PhD Defense of Gunjan Kayal

Gunjan was granted a Ph.D. after a successful defense of her dissertation.
Congratulations Dr Kayal 🙂

The thesis is available for download:
Gunjan is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan Medicine!

A proof-of-concept of DosiTest project is here!

Kayal G, Clayton N, Vergara-Gil A, Struelens L, Bardiès M.

Proof-of-concept of DosiTest: A virtual multicentric clinical trial for assessing uncertainties in molecular radiotherapy dosimetry

Phys Med. 2022 May;97:25-35. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2022.03.011.

An article on the modelling of SPECT imaging was recently published in Physica Medica

Kayal G, Chauvin M, Mora-Ramirez E, Clayton N, Vergara-Gil A, Tran-Gia J, Lassmann M, Calvert N, Tipping J, Struelens L; MRTDosimetry Collaboration, Bardiès M.

Modelling SPECT auto-contouring acquisitions for 177Lu & 131I molecular radiotherapy using new developments in Geant4/GATE.

Phys Med. 2022 Apr;96:101-113. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2022.03.003. Epub 2022 Mar 8.

New techniques for modelling SPECT imaging included in the GATE paper

Sarrut D, Bała M, Bardiès M, Bert J, Chauvin M, Chatzipapas K, Dupont M, Etxebeste A, M Fanchon L, Jan S, Kayal G, S Kirov A, Kowalski P, Krzemien W, Labour J, Lenz M, Loudos G, Mehadji B, Ménard L, Morel C, Papadimitroulas P, Rafecas M, Salvadori J, Seiter D, Stockhoff M, Testa E, Trigila C, Pietrzyk U, Vandenberghe S, Verdier MA, Visvikis D, Ziemons K, Zvolský M, Roncali E.

Advanced Monte Carlo simulations of emission tomography imaging systems with GATE.

Phys Med Biol. 2021 May 14;66(10). doi: 10.1088/1361-6560/abf276. PMID: 33770774.

Realistic patient images were successfully generated and published!

SPECT images for a patient dataset were generated with GATE Monte Carlo using auto-contour mode for personalized dosimetry and were in excellent agreement with the acquired images.

Kayal G, Chauvin M, Vergara-Gil A, Clayton N, Ferrer L, Moalosi T, Knoll P, Struelens L, Bardiès M.

Generation of clinical 177Lu SPECT/CT images based on Monte Carlo simulation with GATE.

Phys Med. 2021 May;85:24-31. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2021.04.002. Epub 2021 May 3. PMID: 33957577.

2 abstracts were just accepted for oral presentation at the forthcoming EANM congress:

Implementation of SPECT auto-contouring detector motion in GATE Monte Carlo simulation for 177Lu and 131I molecular radiotherapy (MRT) dosimetry.
G Kayal, M Chauvin, E Mora-Ramirez, L Struelens, M Bardiès
Generation of realistic SPECT/CT images for 177Lu dosimetry in Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT) based on Monte Carlo simulation with GATE.
​G Kayal, M Chauvin, A Vergara-Gil, N Clayton, L Struelens, M Bardiès

Congratulations Gunjan!

Realistic patient images

Gunjan Kayal simulated projections of realistic patient images after 177Lu-DOTATATE therapy.
More to come soon…

MCMA conference

Gunjan Kayal presented a talk at the MCMA conference held in Montréal, Canada (17-21 June 2019):
Modeling SPECT auto-contouring acquisition for 177Lu Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT) using new developments in GATE

Congratulations. Slides a re available upon request.

Presentation at NPL

Gunjan’s work was presented in a talk given at the European Workshop on the clinical implementation of dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy held at NPL (20-21 May 2019):

Monte Carlo modelling of SPECT imaging

Program and presentation are available here.

PhD Defense of Gustavo Costa

After a succesful PhD defense, Gustavo was awarded a PhD.
Congratulations Dr Costa 🙂
(Edit) Gustavo is now a Post Doc at UC Davis!

New PhD Student for Dositest

We are glad to welcome Gunjan Kayal for a PhD project centred on Dositest.
Gunjan has been recruited thanks to a collaborative project between CRCT and SCK-CEN.
She will be registered in Toulouse University and co-supervised by Manuel Bardiès and Lara Struelens. Details on the research programme can be found here.
Welcome Gunjan 🙂


We’re glad to contribute to IAEA CRP E23005.
Our contribution will be to generate simulated projections of a 177Lu-DOTATATE patient.
SPECT/CT projections will be generated based on a realistic pharmacokinetics, at different time-points.
This will be the work of a PhD student (ongoing recruitment).