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MetroMRT meeting in Prague

This MetroMRT metting allowed us to present the current status of DosiTest. Daphnée Villoing presented absorbed dose results obtained with Gate on our « reference patient ».

NPL Meeting in London

DosiTest was presented at the Nuclear Medicine Metrology meeting at NPL:

« DosiTest, Monte-Carlo-based virtual clinical trial to assess critical steps of radiopharmaceutical dosimetry » M Bardiès

Poster at IEEE MIC 2014

Marie-Paule Garcia presented a poster at the last IEEE meeting:

MP Garcia, J Bert, D Villoing, A Reilhac, MC Grégoire, D Visvikis and M Bardiès

« Hybrid CPU/GPU SPECT Monte Carlo Simulations: The Hexagonal Hole Collimator Case »

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), Seattle, WA USA, 8-15 November 2014

MetroMRT meeting in Paris

Daphnée Villoing is presenting the current status of DosiTest during the internal MetroMRT meeting at LNE in Paris.

Arrival of Justyna Pieter

Justyna Pieter is joining the team for a 3 month ERASMUS fellowship.
She’ll design and implement a GUI for the ICRP 110 computational model. The objective is to generate Gate input macros, both for image and absorbed dose modelling.

Arrival of Mélanie Bernard

Mélanie Bernard is starting her research project (6 months) as the final step before validation of her engineer school. She’ll refine the implementation of the digitizer for Gate SPECT modelling.

New collaborative project with ANSTO

Marie-Paule Garcia is going to spend 8 months at ANSTO in Sydney to improve image modelling process. One of the objectives is to derive a methodology to assess the « likeliness » of simulated images. She will work with Anthonin Reilhac in Marie-Claude Grégoire’s team.

Poster at IEEE MIC 2013

Marie-Paule Garcia presented her work (Poster) at the IEEE MIC conference in Seoul:

« Generation of Whole-Body Scintigraphic Images with New GATE Output Capacities »

Garcia M-P, Villoing D, McKay E, Ferrer L, Der Sarkissian H, Poirot M, Bardiès M

IEEE NSS-MIC Conference Record, 2013

EANM Congress in Lyon

2 Oral presentations by the members of the team:

Generation of scientigraphic images in a virtual dosimetry trial based on Monte Carlo modelling

D Villoing, MP Garcia, I Berry, F Botta, S Brillouet, O Caselles, E Cassol, F Courbon, M Cremonesi, M Ferrari, L Ferrer, M Poirot, D Vallot, M Bardiès

Validation of Monte Carlo code GATE on the ICRP/ICRU reference computational phantom for internal dosimetry aspects

D Villoing, T Mauxion, S Marcatilli, M Poirot, M Bardiès

Congratulations to Daphnée and Sara.

Oral presentation SFPM Nice

Our Master Student Alan Courteau presented his work during the French Congress of Medical Physics in Nice:

Evaluation of differences between measured and modeled properties of gamma camera in the DosiTest project

A Courteau, D Villoing, JB Maurice, I Berry, M Bardiès, E Cassol

Congratulations for his first speech in a Congress 🙂

Oral communication at L.A.R.D. 2013 in Nice

30èmes journées des L.A.R.D. (Radiotherapy and Dosimetry Associated Laboratories) in Nice 
Daphnée Villoing presented her work:

Intercomparaison des codes Monte-Carlo GATE et MCNPX pour la dosimétrie interne, basée sur le fantôme voxélisé de référence de la CIPR 110

Oral presentations accepted for EANM 2013 in Lyon

Radiobiology applied to oncology – GSO international workshop for Young scientists.
Lesponne, France, April 3-6, 2013

Intercomparison of Monte-Carlo codes GATE and MCNPX on the ICRP/ICRU female reference computational phantom for internal dosimetry

D Villoing, T Mauxion, S Marcatili, M Poirot, M Bardiès