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DosiTest is now part of MetroMRT

On April 1st, DosiTest became officillay part of the EuraMET sponsored  « MetroMRT » project.

Poster presentation at SPIE

Poster presented at the SPIE meeting in Orlando               (take a look)
From the poster presentation, a short paper will be available online soon:

TestDose: A SPECT image generator for clinical dosimetry studies Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging Volume 8668 (2013) 
MP Garcia, H Der Sarkissian, E McKay, L Ferrer, M Bardiès, D Villoing, H Batatia, A Basarab, JY Tourneret, D Kouamé

Oral communication at L.A.R.D. 2012

29èmes journées des L.A.R.D. (Radiotherapy and Dosimetry Associated Laboratories) in Clermont-Ferrand

DosiTest: Une intercomparaison virtuelle des essais de dosimétrie clinique basée sur la modélisation Monte-Carlo
Daphnée Villoing

Second DosiTest meeting

Second DosiTest meeting in Toulouse University School of Medicine

Oral communication at the semi-annual Gate technical meeting in Athens

Validation of internal dosimetry with GATE v6.1 on the new ICRP 110 computational model
Daphnée Villoing

Arrival of a post-doc student

A post-doctoral student (MP Garcia) arrived in the lab. She will work on TestDose in Team n°2 (IRIT) for at least one year.

Arrival of master students

Three master students (L Guerin, M Potel, JB Maurice) arrived in Toulouse, one in Saint-Herblain’s ICO (Y Hurez). They will work on the gamma-cameras modelling with Gate for six months.

DosiTest meeting

First DosiTest meeting in Toulouse University – Medicine Faculty of Toulouse Rangueil (see pictures)

LARD  in Toulouse

28es journées des L.A.R.D. (Radiotherapy and Dosimetry Associated Laboratories) in Toulouse

DosiTest : Intercomparaison des approches de dosimétrie clinique en radiothérapie moléculaire par simulation Monte-Carlo
M Bardiès

Arrival of a Php student

A PhD student (Daphnée Villoing) arrived in the lab. She will work on DosiTest in Team n°1 (INSERM CRCT Team 12) for three years.

Dositest as Physicancer project

DosiTest was accepted as Physicancer (INSERM, CEA) 2011 project.

“DosiTest: Intercomparison of clinical dosimetry approaches in molecular radiotherapy by Monte-Carlo simulation”

Term: 18 months